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By alanred 2020-12-22 18:18:37

Whatsapp and messenger not video calling

Set up my Deco m9 and m5 network. All working well but WhatsApp and messenger video calls are not connecting properly. They keep trying to reconnect Speed is fine I have BT internet into a Dray Tek Vi
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By PhilWin 2021-05-11 08:46:17

WhatsApp doesn’t work using Deco M9+

Hi, I'm using four Deco M9+ and have Virgin Media as ISP. I have Deco setup as router and Virgin Media as modem. The issue that I'm having is that we have Apple I-Phone's at home, all are on latest OS
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By WilburAnderson 2021-04-28 04:21:06

Como criar um backup do WhatsApp Messenger APK?

Olá membros Alguém que já usou o WhatsApp Messenger já sabe como fazer o backup desta versão? Acabei de começar a usar esta versão e ainda não sei como fazer um backup dela. Também pesquisei e tentei
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By DannyWood82 2021-03-05 19:58:16

M5 not letting me connect to WhatsApp or Facebook?

Recently up M5 3 mesh system and connection is good but I cannot access WhatsApp and Facebook?!? I'm the owner and adult.
Forums/ 3G/4G Routers/MiFi
By SpottyDog 2020-11-20 16:04:55

QoS for WhatsApp Calls

Hi, I have encountered some problems with periodic dropouts during WhatsApp calls when using the MR400. This is despite getting a 30+Mbps connection versus the 3Mbits I get with my ADSL connection whi
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By muehl 2015-10-18 17:06:23

Two TP-LINK Access points, problem with Whatsapp

Model : Hardware Version : Not Clear Firmware Version : ISP : Hello, I have the following problem: I use two TP-LINK devices in our house and I like to use both as access point for wlan. Both are on t