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By scassar 2019-10-08 18:06:23

Deco M5 in AP mode sometimes act as a DHCP server

I, First, not sure about the hardeware version. I've got 3 DECO M5 in Access Point mode. Sometimes, when my DHCP server crashes, the principal/master deco M5 becomes the gateway and DHCP server and se
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By lcameron 2021-03-10 13:11:44

Re:Disable DECO DHCP

This feature should be standard. AP-Mode should never run it's own DHCP or allow the end user to toggle it off.
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By GPGeek 2019-02-18 23:44:39

Conflicting DHCP when Deco in AP mode ?

Today I ran into an issue which made me almost cringe.. as I hadn't expect this to happen, considering I've been working in the IT networking business for over 30 years.. I had recently purchased a De
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By Manu2005 2021-02-26 02:50:08

Re:Conflicting DHCP when Deco in AP mode ?

I bought tplink deco E4 and i searched on forum and I knew about issue " Smart DHCP". It is a big issue. I use DHCP on Windows server and relay to it from router. When reboot or can not connect to rou
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By David-TP 2020-09-18 02:59:56

Weak secuirty issue on the IOS system

Background: Some of you may have updated your Apple devices to the latest iOS 14 version and get a “Weak Security” warning message when connecting to the Deco network. Why Deco network is displayed as
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By David-TP 2020-09-07 07:38:06

Re:Why do the Deco devices still resolve DNS for domains other than tp-link when in AP Mode

Hi, sorry for the previous reply, which may not be precise, and I will try to explain it again. Firstly, Deco device is a network device or system, just like your PC, it will need to resolve or send t