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By frootieeloops 5 hours ago


Hi! I just bought this new TP-link router because the option to turn off the SIP ALG on my ISP router is not working. After disabling it on TP-Link router, i tried rebooting the router and then run a
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By sstoichkov 3 hours ago

EasyMesh between Archer Ax53 and Archer A6 v3.2 (EU)

Hello everybody, I have two routers - Archer AX53 and Archer A6 v3.2 (Easy Mesh compatible logo on the box) . I want to create a Easy Mesh network, but unsuccessfully. I'm trying the Archer AX53 to be
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Topiltzin80 4 hours ago

Lost access to Archer AX23 after switching to access point mode

After switching the router to acces point mode, I lost access to the configuration built in web site as also via the Thetter App. Via web browser I can access the login page, enter the local password
Forums/ Range Extenders
By Kortezzee Yesterday

Can't connect

My password doesn't want to go through. I changed and yet when I try to log in and connect my extender to my WiFi, it says password incorrect
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By jhafranco Yesterday

Are AXE75 router antennas replaceable?

Apparently, the AXE75 router antennas are not replaceable. Is this correct?
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By SianLockwood Thursday

Computer cannot access extender signal

I have successfully linked the extended to the router but my computer cannot link to the extender signal. I have updated the drivers - microsoft tell me the drivers are upto date and working properly.