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By arie5000 9 hours ago

2 AX55 - OneMesg

Hi, I bought 2 AX55 routers thinking i could put one in AP mode and then use the OneMesh option. However if I set one of them in AP mode there is no OneMesh option. If i connect them with the LAN port
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By Mat123 Thursday

Mu-MIMO option not visible or displayed in Archer C6 US V 3.2`

Mu-MIMO option not visible or displayed in Archer C6 US V 3.2. Archer C6 v3.20 Firmware 1.0.14 Build 20211118 rel.43110(5553)
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By darcypa Thursday

Need some advice / Help

Good day Troops, I have a two level house and generally have not great conevctivty through the house. I bnought 4 new Archer C80 wirless routers and I want to interconjnect them The main router connec
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By JASV Wednesday

Disabling button reset to factory

YO have the TL-WR841N router that was provided to me by an internet company in my area where i live. I stopped hiring their services and stayed with the router. I try to reset it to return it to its f
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By VanMilo Wednesday

AX73 wifi problem

Hello. when mac filtering is enabled (whitelist) and the network ssid is hidden, devices with android 9 or higher cannot find the wifi network. Other network cards, laptops and devices with android 8
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By FleetFoot Wednesday

Range extending using TD-W8970 connected via TL-PA4010 / TL-WPA4220

I have a W8970 which I wish to use as an access point to extend my home network because it has external antenna connections and I need to use a wall-mounted external antenna already installed at the r