Tapo C310 Nightvision issue

Tapo C310 Nightvision issue
Tapo C310 Nightvision issue
2022-06-16 11:05:42
Tags: #Live View #Night Vision
Model: Tapo C310
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.12

Hi! I recently bought 2 tapo C310 security cameras, installed them and everything were fine until I noticed that night vision quality isnt good at all. An area of 5 meters from the camera is ok but far from that range the image is just black. Is this a problem or are there any steps that I can take to fix this?

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Re:Tapo C310 Nightvision issue
2022-06-17 01:23:14

Hello   @Chris_Bak 

Please confirm your Tapo APP and camera firmware are both up to date first, and here are some suggestions you could give it a try: 

1. Try not to point camera through window, glass or the infrared light could be reflected and cause blur image 

2. Switch from Day/ Night Mode  ( Live view page> On right top> Night/Day/Auto Mode )

3. Make sure camera mounted in proper location and you are able live stream clearly in the day. 


If possible, try to shine a light on the environment in Night Mode, are able to see any image if there is some extra light source.

If still the same, can you help confirm some information here , you could bypass the information that you've provided

a) MAC address, hardware version, firmware version of the camera. ( please share MAC address to us via private message)

b) Can you share some photos of Live view when camera work Night mode / Day mode 

c) May I know where the cameras are installed? Can you let us know distance of  object or building that not viewable in the night mode, Thank you