Get Ideal Room Temperature with Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 KIT

Get Ideal Room Temperature with Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 KIT

Get Ideal Room Temperature with Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 KIT
Get Ideal Room Temperature with Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 KIT
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Many homes already have thermostatic radiator valves on the radiators and you may wonder what smart thermos radiator valves can do and why better.

A new smart home heating solution --- the Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 Kit that can be set up in just a few minutes has come to meet us with remote temperature control, room–to–room temperature control save as much as possible on your reasonable heating bills by scheduling the heating hours. Let’s get to know it first.


KE100 Kit (KH100 Wi-Fi Hub +KE100 included)




Versatile Compatibility

Fits on most radiator valve body thread (M30x1.5) and has better compatibility with 3 different RA/RAV/RAVL adapter rings.


Ultra-Long Standby with AA Batteries

Works with IoT hub and owns a promising longer battery life with 2 × AA/LR6 batteries (estimated 1 year+ battery life).
Note: the real battery life can vary based on the frequency of use.


Remote Temperature Control via APP


Starting heating or cooling easily by scrolling to a target temperature (ranging from 5°C to 30°C) in the Kasa Smart app, you can view room temperature, turn TRV on/off, and increase/decrease the temperature for individual rooms remotely through your smartphone.


Tip: the KH100 wireless hub is required to use app features, or you can manually rotate the TRV to adjust the target temperature.

Response Time of 2 secs and Powerful Motor


The KE100 houses a powerful motor, opening and closing most valves without a hitch. Featuring a much faster reaction time than traditional radiator valves, it helps restore the comfort temperature in short time. ( Learn more about 2s fast response on the product overview page)




Highlight Features


Save on Heating bills by Creating Heating Schedules


With Kasa Smart Control, you can set schedules as your daily routines and enjoy the desired cozy temperature during night hours or before arriving home. Precise scheduled heating and cooling hours offer a chance to reduce unnecessary energy waste or even save more on your heating bills!


Temperature Report


Get a clear picture of the day's room temperature and how long the valves are open with the KE100 Temperature Report.

———— Heating ON

- - - - - - - Heating OFF

Child Lock


Prevents children from managing your radiator accidentally.


Prevent Freezing Pipes with Frost Protection


Ensures the temperature does not drop below a minimum temperature you set in the APP. Keep the pipes from unfrozen and secure your house through the cold seasons.


Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Support


Ask Alexa, or Google Assistant to fine-tune your home temperature or ask Siri to run a Shortcut. Just enjoy the hands-free voice control with no need to get up from your sofa.


                                                               Frequently Asked Questions



FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions about KE100 KIT


Q. What radiator is Kasa thermostatic compatible with?

KE100 is compatible with the mainstream M30x1.5 valves and RA, RAV, RAVL valves from Danfoss with included adapter rings.

Diameter of the valve body: 30 mm  
Screw thread: 1.5 mm


Q. How to install the Kasa smart radiator thermostat valve?

Refer to FAQ to install your kasa TRV. 


Q. What kind of battery does KE100 use? How long do the batteries used in the KE100 last?


Refer Q13 here. 


Q: Why the Room temperature (Current Temperature) displayed in the APP can be different from actual room temperature, and what should I do? 


To make the Current Temperature closer to the real room temperature, you can set a 'Temperature Offset' in the kasa APP

Refer to Q15 here for detailed explanation instructions. 


Q. Can the radiator valve continue to work if there is no wireless connection or no internet access?

Refer to Q19 here.





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