Introduction of Community Tags and Labels

Introduction of Community Tags and Labels

Introduction of Community Tags and Labels
Introduction of Community Tags and Labels
2023-08-22 09:18:35 - last edited 2023-08-22 09:29:02

What are Tags and Labels?


Tags and labels help you find topics/articles and filter topics/articles in the community efficiently.





Tags are keywords you assign to threads to help with searching and filtering. Tags usually describe the topic, theme, or subject of a thread, such as function names of the related TP-Link products, etc. 


How to add Tags?


When starting a new thread or editing an existing thread, users could add Tags to the thread they created. Users have the option of adding up to 4 Official Tags and creating 1 Custom Tag. If you believe that a tag should be created in the future, don't hesitate to create it when posting. 


Official Tags are managed by Community Administrators and might be changed over time, so please let us know what tags would be useful for you and what tags you may never use. You may find the available tags are different for different product categories, that is because the supported functions and related topics are different.


If the tags you would like to use don’t exist, you have the option of creating one custom tag, but please note that the custom tag cannot be used to filter the thread until it's been added to be as official.




Labels are a more persistent and content-centric way to organize threads. Labels are pre-defined to help users filter threads by classification such as New Arrival, Solution, Troubleshooting, Configuration Guide, Early Access, etc. 

For example, the threads below are labeled as New Arrival or Solution, which it's much easier to tell whether it is what you need by looking at the label and subject.


Please note that labels are defined and added by the Community Administrators and cannot be created by users.



How to filter threads by using Tags and Labels?


Filters function is located on the left of the threads list page of each product category. Selecting the Tags and Labels will help you find what you need quickly.


We hope the Tags and Labels filters will either help users find the answers they were looking for or find engaging conversations and topics easily. If you have any suggestions regarding the Tags and Labels, please leave a comment in this thread to let us know.


Correctly using the tags and labels will allow users to better assist others and increase the quality of navigation on the community forums. We look forward to seeing all the tags appear on new posts.


Please keep in mind that using the filters will only return threads that have been created since the feature launched and in which users added tags. We will be working in the future to add these tags to existing posts for ease of use.