How to find the MAC address of a Smart Bulb or Plug that is NOT connected to my Wi-Fi Network?

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Hey everyone, I'm writing this because I was able to find the Mac address of my KL125 smart bulbs after did some research.

I'm hopeful this will also help someone else who is in the same shoes as I was. laugh


More specifically, I have MAC filtering set up on my network, as most people do nowadays. When I got smart bulbs KL125  I can't configure them because I couldn’t find their MAC address.  Kasa APP doesn't show the device MAC while trying to connect, neither does my cellphone.  Here is how I sort this out:


1. Use Wi-Fi Verbose Logging on Android phone



Wi-Fi Verbose Logging is  an Advanced feature in  Android Developer mode to see more Wi-Fi actives from what i understood. Of course most important that is helps to find the Mac address of Smart bulb's SSID.  Believe me it's not hard as it sounds, just google for how to enter developer mode on your phone,  yeah there are many tricks online. 


Here is how I did it on my Samsung phone, ' tapping the Build Number seven times in the About phone menu under Settings'. Then go to Developer menu on the phone, I've activated Wi-Fi Verbose Logging, this allowed to show the MAC of all devices on the Wi-Fi list of my phone!





2. Connect Smart Device to a Windows Hotspot


This is another method that I found might be suitable for someone doesn’t use an Android. 

Connect smart device to a Windows hotspot first, set it up in Kasa app.  After that, you’ll see the Mac address  is available on Kasa app>tap the 'wheel' on the right top> Device Settings page.


Now the bulb has no problem to connect to the phone, then I was able to add the MAC on my router, and now all works!

Good Luck! wink



Very good and detailed story sharing, and it will also help those who may encounter the same issue a lot.