What does TP-Link introduce at CES 2024?

What does TP-Link introduce at CES 2024?


In the recently concluded CES 2024 expo, Tapo, as a frontrunner in the smart home domain, unveiled a range of innovative products, further enhancing and refining the Tapo smart home ecosystem. This lineup includes the integration of Matter standard in the smart home base hub, smart security cameras, video doorbells, smart door locks, smart lighting, smart plugs, and more.


Let's delve deeper to explore what TP-Link showcased at CES 2024. Some of these products are already available for purchase!




Tapo for Pad App with 3D Control Panel


When it comes to comprehensive smart home control, mobile tablets undoubtedly offer a superior visual and interactive experience. The Tapo for Pad App not only caters to tablet devices but also introduces a revolutionary 3D control panel. This feature provides an immersive experience, allowing you to map out any layout or device placement within your home effortlessly through the app.


Smart HomeBase


Tapo H500, a centralized control device compatible with Matter and ONVIF protocols, comes with 16GB eMMC, expandable up to 16 TB via an extra HDD/SDD drive, delivering massive, secure local storage.


Support up to 16 cameras and 64 sensors, it is also a powerful tool to ease the load on the router. 




Tapo Smart Security Cameras


Tapo's revolutionary ColorPro™ Night Vision technology brings the viewing experience of the smart security camera to a new level of clarity and realism. Without the need for additional lighting, it significantly enhances image clarity and color even in extremely low-light environments and delivers vivid and lifelike visuals.


Outdoor Cameras



  • Tapo C402 KIT —— Smart Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel
    • Solar Power
    • Color Night Vision
    • 1080P Hight-Definition Video
    • Free AI Detection


  • Tapo C720 —— Smart Floodlight Camera
    • 2800-Lumen Ultra-Bright Floodlight
    • 2K QHD Live View
    • Motion-activated & Adjustable Floodlight Control


  • Tapo C425 KIT —— Wire-Free MagCam KIT
    • Flexible Installation with a Magnetic Base
    • Color Night Vision (Starlight Sensor)
    • 2K QHD Live View
    • Free AI Detection



Indoor Cameras


  • Tapo C840 —— Pan/Tilt Smart AI Baby MonitorTapo C840
    • 4MP + 2MP Dual Lens Live View
    • Peaceful Lullabies
    • BabySnap
    • Instant Notifications



  • Tapo C220 —— Pan/Tilt AI Home Security Wi-Fi Camera
    • 2K 4MP QHD Resolution
    • Smart AI Detection - Person/Pet/Vehicle/Baby Crying 
    • Wide Range Movement - 360°Horizontal & 114° Vertical
    • Support Up To 512GB Local Storage with MicroSD Card


▶ Available in the UK!  Amazon | Official Store

▶ Availability in other countries and regions?  TP-Link  Where To Buy


Why the product is NOT listed on TP-Link official website in your country/region​​​​​​​

This model is not available in your country/region yet, watch for future product launches!



  • TC73 —— Apple Homekit Supported Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
    • Apple Homekit Supported
    • Invisible Infrared Mode
    • 2K QHD Live View
    • Privacy Control with Physical Button
    • Support Up To 512GB Local Storage with MicroSD Card




  • Tapo C125 —— Dual IR Security WiFi Camera with Physical Privacy Shutter
    • Physical Privacy Shutter for the lens
    • Freely Install with Magnetic Base
    • Dual-IR System - Invisible 940nm IR LED
    • 140° Wide-Angle Coverage







Tapo Smart Doorbells and Locks


  • Tapo D225 —— Video Doorbell Camera
    • 2K 5MP +180° Ultra-Wide Diagonal FOV
    • Color Night Vision
    • Multiple Response Options
    • Free Person/Vehicle/Pet/Package Detection and Notification




  • Tapo DL130 —— Smart Video Door Lock
    • 7 Unlock Methods
    • 2K 5MP Built-in Video Doorbell
    • Multiple Security Guarantees - Bank-grade fingerprint recognition algorithms & BHMA-certified durability
    • Built-in Door Sensor with Auto-Lock




Tapo Robot Vacuums


  • Tapo RV30 Plus —— LiDAR Navigation & 4200Pa High Suction PowerMagSlim™ LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum + Smart Auto-Empty Dock 1
    • 4200Pa Hyper Suction
    • Auto-Empty with 4L Large Dust Bag
    • LiDAR & Gyro Dual Navi System
    • Vacuum and Mop Combo
    • Carpet Auto-Boost



Get To Know Tapo RV30 and RV30 Plus 



  • Tapo RV20 Plus —— MagSlim™ LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum
    • Ultra-Slim 3.1-in Design
    • MagSlim™ LiDAR Navigation System
    • Auto-Empty with 4L Large Dust Bag
    • 4-Level Suction Modes
    • Twin Side Brushes


Tap To Learn More About Tapo Robot Vacuum RV20 Series


▶ Available in various countries and regions. ​​​​​​​TP-Link  Where To Buy



Tapo Smart Lighting


  • Tapo L535E —— Matter Supported Smart Light Bulb
    • ​​​​​​​Extra Bright Smart Light Bulb - 1055 Lumens (75W Equivalent)
    • Matter-Certified - Seamlessly interoperate with other certified products across platforms
    • Eco-friendly - Up to 89% Energy Saving
    • Millions of Colors


  • Tapo L930-5 —— Multicolor Smart WiFi Light Strip
    • Apple HomeKit Supported
    • Zonal Color Control
    • Extra White LEDs 
    • Music Sync
    • Fancy Lighting Effects



Tapo Plugs



  • Tapo P400M —— 2 Outlets Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug
    • Matter Certified
    • IP65 Weatherproof
    • Long Wi-Fi Range





  • Tapo P135 KIT —— Smart WiFi Lamp Dimmer Kit
    • Matter Certified
    • Brightness Control
    • Fade On/Off
    • Wireless Button Dimming





Learn More about TP-Link’s Entire CES Product Lineup


*CES is a Global Event, any Products Announced and marked "Coming Soon" are not guaranteed to be released in the United States or other areas, and specifications may differ from the final product. As we learn more about the devices and specifications, we will provide more information regarding regional availability.




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