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Forums/ 5G/4G Wi-Fi Routers/MiFi
2022-05-30 05:42:34
Re:Can't access router admin/settings page (
Some routers have a security feature in which it will not allow access to the WebUI to wireless clients. Try connecting only via wired. Another possibility is that it may be configured for HTTPS vs...
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
2022-05-30 05:23:55
Re:Temporary problem every time I turn the light on
Had the same issue. I don't know which app it was, but I opened all my iOS apps that control the Hue bulbs, force quit them all, and now the bulb I was having issues with functions as expected. I did...
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
2022-05-06 09:35:05
Re:TP-WPA8630P IGMP Snooping
I have a good understanding of basic networking, vlans, etc. I have a very simple setup with an ISP modem/router hg8245h, unifi Switch and 2 AP Lite. I have 3 IPTVs on the network. When I turned on...
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
2022-05-06 08:33:17
How to make WiFi work for toshiba C850...?
I have a toshiba laptop c850, dual core. Toshiba does not provide any driver for Wi-Fi for Ubuntu 12.10. I am currently having problem in using DSL modem, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Can anyone tell me the...
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
2022-05-03 11:42:49
Re:Which NVR for Tapo Cameras
If said camera supports RTSP, a Hikvision NVR should do the trick. You need to do a little fiddling with the URLs and setup, but that should work out. If they don't support RTSP, then you basically...