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2023-11-01 23:38:00
Add Option to fix/force Client to current AP
Hello everyone, this question was asked in a similar form, with the answer being to use minimum RSSI. I use over 100 iot devices and 7 AP on 2 levels in a 2.4ghz only sid in the house. It is not...
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2023-11-01 12:56:06
Re:Omada SDN Controller_V5.13 Beta (Updated on Oct 27th, 2023)
Hello to all updater, do you also delete your browser cache ? sometimes when you update your firmware it can be possible that your browsers cache show you the UI with old/different informations.
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2023-06-30 19:06:58
Re:Where to create the interfaces and ACL rules? On ER605 or TL-SG3428 L3 Switch
@Philbert thank you for reply. One more question, at the moment my network is like this Layer 3 IP Topology . Can I setup the topology also with the omada controller? What I am interested in is, the...
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2023-05-19 21:10:35
Where to create the interfaces and ACL rules? On ER605 or TL-SG3428 L3 Switch
Hello Together, i'm asking me where to create the Interfaces for my setup with the Omada Controller? On the Gateway TL-R605 or on the L3 Switch TL-SG3428? Because the TL-SG3428 has also a DHCP Server...
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2023-02-01 21:34:22
Re:TCP no-Flag attack
@Lurk maybe it's better to report here Additional Tips For Reporting Security Issues: At TP-Link, customer security comes first. To report Security Issues regarding TP-Link products, please follow...
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2023-01-15 22:35:51
Re:ER605 v2 Firmware update 2.1.0 causes adopting loop
do you mean port forwarding oder ACL rules? do you have in your ACL rules source ip and destination ip Maybe you have to delete this in the and of the ACL list