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By DataMeister 2024-03-01 18:44:05

Difference between EAP670 and EAP673?

What is the difference between the EAP670 and the "new" EAP673? The comparison columns appear to be the same.
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By AntonV 2024-03-01 17:38:45

controle fail to see EAP245 device Unknown Devices in my controler

On first location, i have controler and router. On second localion I have router and eap. I have manage to add router from second location (NAT, opening ports 29810-29816) to be managed with controler
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By Matze78 2024-03-01 07:38:13

Client-Name in "Hotspot" - "Authorized Clients" not matching "Client" values

Hi, my customer wants hotspot-access for users and guests. That works basically, but is difficult to manage. When a user is authenticated or when i authorize a user i see the account in the list Probl
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By d0ugmac1 2024-02-29 22:32:36

DHCP Mis-assignments due to Race Condition between Router and Controller on startup

Noticed a few times now after extended power outages, that some of my device come back with semi random IP's despite the fact that I have IP reservations for them. Most recently the host of my control
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By Chrisueb 2024-02-29 13:06:08

Firmeware Upgrade on Branche Side

Hallo, wir haben 2 ER605 v2.0 Der ER605 in Side 2 lässt sich nicht updaten. Ist Versions unabhängig u auch Firmeware unabhängig. Netz Aufbau. In Side 1 befindet sicher Linux Software Controller. Der E
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By RashedIT 2024-02-28 08:56:27

Cpe510(UN) & (EU)

C'est quoi la différence entre CPE510(UN) et (EU) ??