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By GRL 2023-05-06 14:28:59

ER7206 1.3.0 ACL completely broken

Trying to set up some ACLs in firmware 1.3.0 is completely broken I have some IP groups set up, and the exact same ACL settings i am trying to apply on my ER605v2 (latest beta) works without issue.. P
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By Hank21 2023-04-21 08:00:52

Omada SDN Controller GUI Feedback - [Closed on May 29th, 2023]

This is a post to get feedback from all community members. Writing down the suggestions of Omada SDN Controller GUI with: Page display (text, icons, overall presentation, etc.) Configuration interacti
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By yubik 2023-04-16 08:53:24

logging into router(ER5606)when connected to the controller?

Hello, patrons Im trying to configure my VPN router and I ran into some issues logging in to the router after connecting to the controller, I could not log back into the router. My question is how to
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By mehmeh 2023-03-08 09:36:38

impossible to enter numbers into Fixed ip field on Mac OS

Hello, Just to let you know that this morning when I wanted to 'fix an ip' on my Mac (last version ), it was impossible to enter numbers in the ip field . Annoying that you need to boot a windows to d
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By mehmeh 2023-02-26 18:29:01

Vlan broken after Switch update

Hello, Vlan's are broken , devices do not seem to get IP address. same with clients on SSID's , connect to Wifi do not get IP address edit: you can change the Ip -range etc... 's on the main lan , but
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By jarobata 2023-01-14 14:40:27

VLANs no longer working after firmware update(s)

I updated the firmware on my three switches (TL-SG2008 v3.0, TL-SG2210MP v1.0, TL-SG2008P v1.0) and after the update, devices on custom VLANs are either not assigned an IP address or are assigned an i