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Forums/ Feature Requests
By ludde28 2022-05-06 09:15:11

Outdoor rated LED stripe L9x0-x

Wish an outdoor product of LED stripe L9xx-x.
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
By ludde28 2022-05-06 08:54:05

Cant find products to buy in EU (googled): T100, T110, L9xx-10

Where to buy in EU: LED stipe 10m: L900-10 LED stripe 10m: L920-10 or L930-10 motion sensor T100 (that i hope can controll the LED strips L9xx-x) contact sensor T110 I have googled, ut cant find. Any
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
By ludde28 2022-05-06 08:48:38

estetic issue LED stripes L-900-5 & l920-5

Hi, bought l900-5 & l920-5 and both work fine. But there is 1 estetic issue: Why the adapters are black? Black adapter & cable connected to white switch (LED stripe & cable) is not so appealing.
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By ludde28 2022-05-04 18:18:32

is there EU version of P110

Is there EU version of P110 with energy monitoring? Or can P100 (EU version) be upgraded to have energy monitoring?
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
By JamesZimmerman 2022-05-04 11:37:57

How can I push a button to turn off my smart bulbs

I have an older house (1975) where most of my would-be light switches actually control the outlet instead. As such, the overhead light in my master bedroom is only controllable by the pull cord on the
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By ludde28 2021-12-29 14:18:40

tapo c200 cam FW uppdate

Got announcement about new FW in apk -> started updating cam FW remotely (cam is in another country and was online before FW was updated) After the update is complete, the camera is offline (still OFF