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Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By SandraLewisFrin 2022-09-14 06:36:28

Struggling while Installing Kasa smart switch

1 - ground. I see copper wire on back of the metal box attached to screw. So my question is, do I connect the new green ground wire to the same screw at the back of the metal box? 2 - load or live wir
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
By paterminator 2022-01-03 16:35:40

No Party or Relax Mode in Tapo App

Hey Guys, I cant find the Party or Relax Mode in the Tapo App, there is also no botton with "theme" (like you can see in the picture) to get there .. Its ne newest Firmware and App Version (Germany) D
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By SandraLewisFrin 2022-03-23 11:52:44

Tapo smart plug

Hi has anyone sorted out a way of linking the tapo line of products by tp link with the Homebridge, TIA
Forums/ Tapo Smart Light Bulbs
By SandraLewisFrin 2022-03-15 06:01:10

Smart Bulbs Question

Hi, I have few TP-Link smart bulbs and I'm pretty happy with them. The only issue I have is when I turn the bulbs off from the app and then want to turn the lights on from the switch on the wall. I ha
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By SandraLewisFrin 2022-03-09 13:46:23

Wi-Fi has been disconnected from the Kasa smart switch

Rebooting the router, uninstalling the switch, reinstalling the app, and trying to reinstall the switch all had no effect. When I try to connect to tp link, it tells me the internet is unavailable wit