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Forums/ Tapo Smart Hubs
By josemmm 2023-01-08 12:49:20

Can't connect tapo devices to the h200 hub

Why can't I use the h200 hub to connect the movement sensor, contact sensor, the button etc. as it can be done with the h100? I am not going to buy another hub only for pairing the devices, is stupid,
Forums/ Tapo Robot Vacuums
By Mandas 2023-06-29 23:06:50

Tapo RV30 Plus - Abnormal cleaning algorithm behaviour & scheduling issues & feature requests

Hi, Have raised this thread in order to highlight the issues, that I, as a customer, am experiencing. This thread isn't to blame and ruin the product, it is to highlight the issues so that they can be
Forums/ Tapo Robot Vacuums
By Wayne-TP 2023-03-31 08:59:07

Tapo RV30/RV30 Plus: 4200 Pa Hyper Suction & LiDAR Quick Mapping Robot Vacuum (RV10&RV30 Comparison)

With unlimited expectations, we are pleased to announce that the Tapo RV30 and Tapo RV30 Plus, the new generation of Tapo robot vacuums, are launched and meet everyone! Featured with doubled suction p