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Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Snort 2021-08-18 19:11:23

How much power does a Kasa smart plug use while it waits?

I have HS103, HS105, and HS100 smart plugs. How much power do they use on thier own? Also, besides size, what is the difference between them?
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By JayCA 2021-07-31 15:23:22

Wifi on, but light doesn't turn on

I'm trying to install a TP-Link HS200 smart switch... The yellow wire was originally connected to the old switch and the orange wire wasn't connected to anything. If I connect the yellow wire to a bla
Forums/ Kasa Smart Switches
By jfischerlaunch 2021-07-27 23:08:42

HS210 3 way light turns on from only one side

I've just installed the HS210 3 way on both sides of my 3 way switch. I'm pretty sure it's wired correctly, but would always appreciate validation for it. I've wired both black wires into the 2 black
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Millewg001 2021-07-14 12:50:27

Will Smart plugs work without wifi

I would like to use this smart plug to routinely power down then power up my modem. Will I be able to power up my modem without network availability?
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
By Sklarlight 2021-07-06 23:09:01

Fade in/out on power on/off

My partner has the Kasa bulb paired with the iPhone app, and when turning the light on and off, it fades in and out. Whereas mine, paired with the Android app, simply switches on and off, I like the f
/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Amigo- 2021-07-08 21:15:20

Re:Does Kasa smart plugs only work if smartphone is connected to same network?

Yes, as long as your phone/tablet is on the same overall LAN as the smart devices. The only reason they wouldn’t work is if you have the smart devices on a separate VLAN, but I’m guessing you most lik