Archer C1200 CPU Usage

Archer C1200 CPU Usage
Archer C1200 CPU Usage
2017-12-12 01:51:46
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Hi All,

I recently started having an issue where my Archer C1200 disconnects all devices and refuses to reconnect until I cycle power. The router was working fine for 6 months and then the issue started occurring without the network having been changed or any new devices added in a while.

- I don't think it's an interference issue. It's set to auto channel and auto channel width. I've also checked a WiFi analyzer and my network is by far the strongest in the area.
- I tried a factory reset but the issue came back.
- The firmware is the latest version.
- I've tried disabling USB sharing, printer sharing, and SPI Firewall

I've seen on the router status that the CPU utilization gets near 100%. I think this is the cause of the connection issues and that's why resetting it helps for a while.

Why is my router using so much CPU? How can I diagnose it? Could there be some kind of virus?

Thanks in advance!
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