Deco E4 doesn't do what it says

Deco E4 doesn't do what it says
Deco E4 doesn't do what it says
2020-06-28 06:00:15
Model: Deco E4
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

How can TP-Link claim that speeds of 1167Mbps can be achieved using this product?


I've just set mine up and couldn't figure out whu on my 350Mbps ISP connection I couldn't get anything over 75Mbps ( and that was right next to the device)


It was only when I had a closer look at the specs that I gfound out that it only communicates with the modem over a 10/100 Ethernet connection.


This is misleading at best and as far as the less technically savvy are concerned is potentially false advertising.


These are being packed up and sent back.


I don't know who I will be buing their replacement from but I think you might be able to guess which company WON'T be getting my money for this purchase or any other in the future.


Shame on you TP-Link. Shame on you.