Call of Duty Warzone Unable to connect

Call of Duty Warzone Unable to connect
Call of Duty Warzone Unable to connect
2020-07-07 14:19:56 - last edited 2020-07-07 14:21:00
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HEllo Team.

I just got the CR700 for my Xfinity service.

So far everything is working except I cannot connet to Call of Duty Warzone.


I talk to xfinity support they say that they are not blocking any ports.

Activision show all the services running.


This is happening with my ps4 and desktop pc.   No CoD Warzone connection.

I put the ps4 on the dmz .... open the ports on Port Forward and Nada.


Any Advise on this case.

am I missing anything to do?



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Re:Call of Duty Warzone Unable to connect
2020-07-08 17:50:57



Put your PS4 back on the DMZ, then test the following ports:










You can google open port testers to see if they are open.


When putting a device on DMZ it removes any protection from the firewall, exposing it pretty much to the internet so you do not need to do any port forwarding.


If ports still show they are blocked


Other things you can possibly try is to configure the Archer CR700 as a bridge which turns it into nothing more than a cable modem. Only one device wired to the CR700 will get an internet connection so if you have a spare router you can use that to distribute the internet but will need to do port forwarding on the spare router. You could also just wire your computer to the CR700 to see if that works.


You could log into the CR700 in bridge mode by going to the IP and change the mode back to router mode or you can factory default the device by holding the reset for 15 seconds.


If none of that yields anything then the ISP has to be blocking ports.