Slow upload speed Deco M9+ with a cable

Slow upload speed Deco M9+ with a cable
Slow upload speed Deco M9+ with a cable
2020-12-10 12:47:24
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.4.3 Build 20200921

So I have in my network 3 Deco M9 plus setup as a mesh network, I had to reset this last tuesday as I had all of the sudden that 2 of these acces points lost internet connection and after a bunch of troubleshooting I ended up resetting my whole network.

Since I have reset all of this my PC connnected to one of the accespoints where I have a switch attached to the deco and connected my PC to the switch (all decos are connected with each other through ethernet).

Now my issue is that my PC gets upload speeds between 500-600MB/s download but upload speeds I have seen come above 2MB/s, see the this picture.

And if I am to test with my phone wirelessly connected to the same deco I am getting about +/- 200MB/s up and down.
I got a fiber connection of 600/600 up and down and I know this worked fine before with this exact same setup.
I also do have a Pi hole running through an Nano Pi on the same network switch as my PC, it has a gigabit network card so thats not the issue aswell + that I had this before I had to reset my network aswell and I would achieve the normal upload speeds.
The only thing I have yet to test is resetting my modem from my ISP, I have had the decos and the modem rebooted a couple of times by now.
But I am wondering maybe it can be something else or if people had it before happen to them or got any suggestions.

Whats also good to note is that I updated the Firmware of my Decos last night to see if this resolved my issue as I was running a later september firmware from 2019 which I didnt realize before, so now I can also see what is connected to what deco and have a web interface.

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Re:Slow upload speed Deco M9+ with a cable
2020-12-10 21:42:17



Check the QoS settings in that the upload speed is not set low, I would set them for 1000 Mbps for up and down.


If you were to connect your computer directly to the main Deco, what speeds do you get there with all other Decos powered down? If that speed is fine, if you were to connect directly to the switch, what is the speed there?


Since dealing with the issue, were the Deco nodes swapped to see if the issue remains?