Parental Controls do not work on Archer A10

Parental Controls do not work on Archer A10
Parental Controls do not work on Archer A10
2021-02-23 19:55:21
Model: Archer A10
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.5 0.9.1 v1000.0 Build 200928 Rel.32191n(5553)

I am unable to get Parental Controls to work.

I have logged into the router through Google.

I have set up a profile.

I have disabled the "Private Address" feature on the devices I want to add.

I added the devices to the profile.

I added multiple websites ( and keywords (reddit) to the "Blocked Content" tab

I saved everything then rebooted the router.




The devices in the profile were able to access every website I blacklisted.

I searched the forums for solutions and only found more frustrated parents.


I'd like my router replaced or refunded.  The parental control feature is the THE MOST important feature for our family, with speed a close second.

Not having parental controls makes this router worthless to me. 

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Re:Parental Controls do not work on Archer A10
2021-02-24 18:31:55 - last edited 2021-02-24 18:32:07



What is likely happening is the computer that you are trying to block has already visited the sites before you installed the TP-Link router so it has saved cookies. So when you created the profile to block the site, that will not work as the computer will tap into the existing cookies and have access to the site.


For example, I set up parental controls and blocked one of my computers that never visited before so when I then tried to visit it was blocked successfully. When I added to be blocked that did not work. I then cleared all cookies and data relating to, closed the browser then reopened it, and it was now blocked.


In your case, you may need to clear the cache and cookies of any site you are trying to block.