Quick Failover?

Quick Failover?
Quick Failover?
2021-05-02 19:24:36
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.1 Build 20210113 Rel.35074

About the specific product


Product: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08QTXNWZ1


When I force a failover by unplugging one of the WAN ports, 20 seconds pass before the backup WAN connection is active.


When a WAN fails because it just goes down (pings time out and DNS lookups fail), the backup WAN never activates.


Is there a way to make failover happen in just a second or two? How can I make failover happen when pings time out?


Here are the range of configurations that I've tried.


- load balancing enabled.
- application and bandwidth based routing disabled (I also tried enabling one and then the other)
- link backup with Satellite as primary, DSL as backup, failover when any primary fails.
- online detection for both WANs set to auto. I also tried setting it to manual and using as the address to ping and do DNS lookups


The result of all of the configuration settings was the same. The only way I was able to cause a failover was by unplugging a WAN cable, and even then, it takes 20 seconds to trigger.


More generally, about my use case


I have access to two main internet connections: Satellite and DSL.


Satellite: High speed (50MBps/10MBps). Preferred connection when available. Intermittent connection by the minute; up for a few minutes, down for a minute, up for a minute, down for a few seconds, etc. (This is mainly because of trees that obstruct access to the sky.)


DSL: Low speed (1.5MBps/0.3MBps). Mostly stable; only a little downtime. When it does go down for very long, power cycling the modem usually resolves it.


I need to have an active internet connection for many things, but the most realtime active need is video meetings, such as on Zoom or Google Meet.


I want to set up a failover that uses Satellite when it’s available, and when it’s down, immediately switch to using DSL, and when Satellite becomes available again, switch back to using Satellite.


The down detection of a connection needs to be fast. No more than a second.


The transition between connections needs to be seamless. It needs to behave like a single internet connection from my perspective.


I would appreciate any guidance regarding setting up this type of immediate and seamless failover for multiple internet connections.

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