Deco M5 - Usage Reports - AGAIN

Deco M5 - Usage Reports - AGAIN
Deco M5 - Usage Reports - AGAIN
2021-05-24 19:43:59
Model: Deco M5
Hardware Version: V7
Firmware Version: 1.5.3

Dear TP-Link,

I am trying to get this thread going once again.  It seems that many people have given up or got frustrated and swapped out their mesh.  I really would LOVE to know how much data each of my devices are using in a monthly report.  this has been in the ask for a VERY long time.  I am starting to think the TP-Link really does not care about the needs of their customers.  I have installed the cheapest of the cheap mesh devices in houses for a while and the BASIC task of being able to record which devices use how much data in a report is present in almost ALL of them.  The request has gathered thousands of upvotes and replies.  Is this really that hard to do?  If it can not be done and the hardward is literally incapable of doing this or the app is incapable, then just be honest and tell us.  Let us know so we can invest our money elsewhere.  I am one person and I am sure that does not mean much to you, but I really want to keep using my M5 but feel that I am going to have to return these to Amazon or end up losing money on them.  


To those that own/owned this device, as a people, I think we all need to do our job to reflect on Amazon or any other site we bought these from exactly how the company feels about getting out funnctionality that all the users are asking for.  This means 1 star and very long detailed review as to why these may be cheaper but no up to par with today's needs and technology.  Make sure to explain the reason this stupid simple need to implement is needed.  

So far, this seems to be the trend with this company. (FYI : I have screenshot more than I can count.)

User : Hey! Is <Functional Need> needed?

TP-Link : Not at this time, but we will forward this to the developers.

User (Months Later) : Hey, is there an update on this?
TP-Link : Not at this time.  But your request has been forwarded to the developers.

User (Almost a year later) : Hello?!  This is an ask that everyone is commenting on.. anything yet?

TP-Link : (HAHA! Thought you would see a reply here, huh?  Nope, they jsut stop replying)


So, TP-Link.  You have to step up your game.  This function is needed in the market today.  The need to track down devices that use a lot of data so we can at least have an idea where to start.  I have 4 kids and 87 devices connected, knowing which ones use the most data would be nice. I can then do something about it.  I don't want to have to invest in a different system but will if necessary.  Knowing how much data is being used is a key item that must be known. Even my old $40 router could do that.  When it went out, I swapped it out for using a switch and the M5s.

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Re:Deco M5 - Usage Reports - AGAIN
2021-12-13 08:23:26
Basic usage tracking was one of the main reasons for opting for a mesh system. I read in reviews Optus (my ISP) uses PPoE and Eero does not support that, but TP-link apparently does. It ended up my ISP now accepts dynamic IPs so I don't need the PPoE option and if TP-link can't support this basic feature, and they don't develop new features it looks like I picked the wrong horse. I certainly didn't expect that TP-LINK would be missing this feature so I didn't bother checking that. If you can't support this feature respect us enough to let us know so we don't wait around for nothing.
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