AX6000 Connectivity issues with Fios modem

AX6000 Connectivity issues with Fios modem
AX6000 Connectivity issues with Fios modem
2021-06-29 00:21:56
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.1

Hi All, 



My wife and I just purchased a home which already came wired for Ethernet and a Fios ONT which from I understand is basically a fiber modem.  We currently have a gigabit connection through Verizon.  


I purchased the AX6000 instead of using the Verizon router and I have it connected via Cat6 to the ONT.  I have not tested the wired connection to the router yet, but so far we have tested an iphone, galaxy 10 and macbook and all of them connect perfectly to the wifi network but none of them are able to load any sites/apps/content.  Chrome and firefox are both giving the "Your connection has timed out" message.  


I am a total noob at home networking so its probably something stupid that I am overlooking.  I have set up the router and poked around most of the settings in the firmware menu but Im not really sure what to look for.  I am using Dynamic IP, NOT cloning MAC address (don't know if thats relavant), all the devices I have tested have been prioritized in the QOS settings and I set the download limit to 1000mbs in QOS and upload to 300 or something.  2.4 and 5ghz networks both have passwords and new names.  

Verizon has confirmed that data is enabled over ethernet and the router itself is indicting an internet connection and detects 1000mbs full duplex WAN.  I can see a few packets being sent here and there as it spikes to like 10kbs download every seconds.  Again I have not tested the wired connection to the router yet but I definitely want to get wifi up and running. 

What am I missing here? 

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Re:AX6000 Connectivity issues with Fios modem
2021-06-29 13:18:24



I assume the ONT is like any other modem with an Ethernet port to connect to the router.


Sounds like the router is not getting the WAN IP.


First connect a PC direct to the ONT via Ethernet, test to ensure a good connection. If good, move on to the next step.


Next Power off the PC and ONT and wait for five minutes, replace the PC with the router using the same cable, connect the PC to the router with another Ethernet cable, power up the ONT, wait for it to stabilize, the power up the router, wait for it to stabilize, then power up the PC, and test.


If not working, sign on to the router with the PC and look at the settings for the WAN IP address. It should not be zeros.


If good, then test the WIFI.