Question about two different deco mesh versions

Question about two different deco mesh versions
Question about two different deco mesh versions
2022-04-13 19:21:25
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

I have a question on what options I have on my soon to be setup.


Currently I have 4 M9 Plus units around the house.  We still have a few weak spots around the house and were always looking at adding on.  Today we found a deal on 3 of the X55 deco mesh units and they are arriving tomorrow.  I'm on a 2GB fiber line and we pretty much have anything and everything going through our wifi. 

What I would like to do, if it is possible, is to hook the X55 also to the main router and have a different SSID then what my M9's use.  Thus separating some of my devices to whichever mesh network I want them to be one.  Maybe limit some congestion on a mesh unit. 


The other option, which I think can be done is hooking up a X55 on the main router and then having all of the other mesh units, X55's and M9 Plus's connecting to that.  Leaving of course only using one SSID



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Re:Question about two different deco mesh versions
2022-04-14 07:14:18


Hi, welcome to the community.

I see your initial purpose is to cover the weak spots so the first suggestion "hook the X55 also to the main router", it means the main X55 will still need to be next to the same ISP router, which does not help if the ISP main router is located at the corner of the house but it does work if the main router is located in the center of the house.


So here comes the second suggestion, one X55 works as the main unit and the rest are all satellite units. Deco X55 would still have gigabit ports like Deco M9 plus so the 2GB could still not be in full use unless you consider setting it up as access points and connecting two X55 into ISP routers at the same time. such as:

General questions about Ethernet Backhaul feature on your Deco


In the meanwhile, It is suggested you have a look at Deco X90, 2-pack with a 2.5G port per unit and it is tri-band Mesh like Deco M9 plus.

Deco X90

Thank you.

Best regards.