QOS update for 5G fiber

QOS update for 5G fiber

QOS update for 5G fiber
QOS update for 5G fiber
2023-08-07 19:23:48
Model: Deco XE75 Pro   Deco XE75  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.6 and 1.2.1

I have two units that are running 1.2.6, Build 20230613, Rel. 52821, and two units that are running 1.2.1. Build 20230601, Rel. 58453.


1) When I access the QOS setting, I am only allowed to set a max of 1000/1000. What do I need to do in order to change this to 5000/5000 for my AT&T 5G fiber service?


2) How can I get all of my XE75 units to rung the same versions, builds, and releases?

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Re:QOS update for 5G fiber
2023-08-09 09:31:27



1.2.1 Build 20230601 Rel. 58453 is the latest firmware for Deco XE75 v2 and 1.2.6, Build 20230613, Rel. 52821 is the latest firmware for Deco XE75 v1. Since they did not share the same firmware, I am afraid you could not run the same firmware versions on all the units. 


As for the QOS bandwidth,  the Ethernet ports on both Deco XE75 V1 and V2 are up to 1G/s and the maximum internet bandwidth for XE75 is limited to 1G. If your internet bandwidth has reached 5G, I think the Wi-Fi 7 models, like Deco BE95/BE85, or WiFi 6E Deco XE200, would be more suitable:



Thank you very much.

Best regards.

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