TL-PA8033P KIT - Slow....

TL-PA8033P KIT - Slow....

TL-PA8033P KIT - Slow....
TL-PA8033P KIT - Slow....
2023-12-16 19:11:14 - last edited 2023-12-16 19:15:49
Model: TL-PA8033P KIT  
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version:

Hi there,


I see I'm not the first here with this issue :)


I have 1GB fibre with speeds of 900+mbps when my laptop is connected direct to the router.

In order to get the best speed via ethernet I upgraded to the powerline 8033 expecting to get faster speeds than previous (~40-45mbps).


However, after the upgrade I'm getting speeds no faster than before (when using TL-PA4010PKIT). I've moved the 2nd 8033 unit to the socket next to the router/1st unit and there are no changes in speed.

Using the tp-link utility, it says that I'm getting 245mbps between the 2 powerline devices. I have a Synology NAS server connected also, and it reporting similar speeds (with 2 cat5 cables connected....)


Actually when I connect and pair up the TL-PA4010PKIT, I'm getting faster speeds of 330-340mpbs... go figure...


Pretty disappointing to say the least. Unless I can get faster rates, I'll be returning the kit....


Any ideas? 


Thanks for your time






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