RE-setup mess-ups

RE-setup mess-ups

RE-setup mess-ups
RE-setup mess-ups
2024-03-01 21:31:02
Tags: #Wi-Fi 6E #Deco app
Model: Deco XE5300  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 3.77 maybe

Entire wifi system up and died 3 days ago, after working fine for 15 months. Not having yet found a way to contact TP-Link, we fumbled many hours trying to set it up again. Fiber optic Internet access seems fine & modem works when connected via Ethernet cable to a laptop. Deco is our only router. Now all we get  from main deco unit is yellow light. No blue. Long list of (possibly stupid) things we've tried, but for now 2 questions.   (1) How in the app can we find the list of network names where we tried to just set up a new network when the original one didn't seem to work? None of those worked either and we want to delete all but the original. Found the list once, can't remember the path.   (2) When you reset a Deco unit, does it go to factory-blank or does it retain ANY info you've previously set up?





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