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2019-12-11 22:35:37
Re:Archer A7 Speed is incredibly slow
@StevenRN I followed your steps exactly (along with disabling ipv6) on the a7 and it worked!! Thank you and that is so strange. One question though, I do not see a setting for the NAT Boost, only the...
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2019-09-25 02:54:36
Re:How to turn off Wifi with Tether app?
That is great info! Thank you Tony.
Forums/ Apps
2019-09-24 01:47:04
Re:How to turn off Wifi with Tether app?
Well I answered 1/2 my question, I just discovered the Wireless schedule in the advanced menu. Still wondering if there is a simple way to toggle the wifi on/off from the Tether app.
Forums/ Apps
2019-09-24 01:42:20
How to turn off Wifi with Tether app?
I have my 1st TP-Link router and finished the setup on the Tether app. I want to do a simple task and can't find where I can do this. We always turn off our Wifi when we sleep, how can I quickly...