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2020-11-28 02:23:23
Re:Network Optimization in firmware 201022 of Deco M5 (V3)
@AnotherMJB Just an update. I have not observed the network stability issues that other have reported. However one of my M5 mesh networks is at my cabin in a remote area of Vermont that has no cell...
Forums/ Deco
2020-11-14 03:08:34
Network Optimization in firmware 201022 of Deco M5 (V3)
I run three different mesh systems using Deco M5's, and they all just updated to firmware 201022 which has a new feature called "Network Optimization". When you tell a mesh (via the app) to do a...
Forums/ Deco
2020-07-09 18:33:46
Re:M5 WPA3 & other suggested improvements
How do you specify it? I just relooked at both the web interface & the phone app, and don't see anyway to set that. If I am stuck without WPA3-PSK, I at least want to limit the mesh to WPA2-PSK...
Forums/ Deco
2020-07-09 11:59:39
M5 WPA3 & other suggested improvements
WPA3 came out years ago, but there's really no info on what the M5 actually supports, nor any controls (e.g. limit to AES, etc.). It would be nice to have more granularity on what the units are...
Forums/ Feature Request
2020-04-13 16:38:05
Add whitelisting to Decos
I have setup a couple of mesh networks using Deco's (mostly M5's) as a couple of locations. The one major deficiency is the lack of whitelisting (by MAC Address) support. Weirdly enough, the Deco's...