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2020-07-24 09:41:11
Re:Unable to set up activity zone
I have a good phone and I was still unable to get the activity zone to do what was advertised.. I could create different zones but that's all I could do there's was no control showing me how I could...
Forums/ Kasa Cameras
2020-05-02 19:32:33
Re:How to set activity zones to reduce notifications and clips
YES it would be a great feature IF IT WORKED. I have tried to set these up and all it does is allows me to create zones (select the area) thats it....im very dissapointed ...then when after trying...
Forums/ Apps
2020-05-02 19:02:01
Re:Deleting Multiple Event Recordings
Yes I had submitted the same request not only did it take me forever to delete every one, and get this, It recorded 3 videos in 1 second. If i want to view them the next day it takes forever for them...