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Forums/ Range Extenders
2020-09-04 04:57:53
Re:Couple quick questions about RE450
@BruceWriter I noticed the same behavior with one of mine, I checked how many clients were connected and moved a WIFI camera to the other RE and seems like that helped I will update this post if it...
Forums/ Range Extenders
2020-09-03 22:18:00
How to force a WIFI device to connect to specific Range Extender?
Hello, I have 2 RE450s one on each side of the house the router is in the center, the one on the left side is in the garage, there are 3 devices close to it I can get 2 devices to connect to that...
Forums/ Apps
2020-09-03 17:36:56
Desktop Tether App not syncing device names with Tether App.
I recently purchased a pair of RE450s overall they work fine with a few signal drops and or client disconnects. My question is is there a way to change the "unkown" labels on the clients, for example...