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By lahkar 2021-06-15 06:12:32

Is a tp-link plug in range extender the same as a slave Deco?

I am wondering if a tp-link plug-in range extender RE3xx is the same as a slave Deco M4/X4 but without the possibility of ethernet backhaul. Is the only difference perhaps that there is no possibility
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By biatch0 2021-05-27 18:43:16

Deco M9 Incorrect/Inaccurate Client List/Details

Hi all... Having some issues with my Deco M9 setup showing: 1) Clients connected to the wrong AP - For example my phone located in the bedroom might be listed as connected to my hallway Deco (both in
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By Rtiamlee 2020-12-19 08:19:17

Deco m5 prioritizes wifi signal source over ethernet backhaul?

Hi guys. First time poster. As title suggests, I’m having issues with my deco m5 not switching to ethernet backhaul despite a Lan connection. My setup is basically: main deco in kitchen, slave deco 1
By 1970-01-01 00:00:00