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By Summest 2024-04-19 04:35:09

Best method to extend an X68 Mesh System

I would like to extend my Deco X68 to reach further in my house. What is the best way to increase range? Should I buy another X68 satellite or buy some other method?
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By Summest 2024-04-11 04:21:57

Where is the TAPO cam forum?

I looked all over. Can some one direct me to the TAPO Forum?
Forums/ Deco
By Summest 2022-08-18 08:50:39

Question about reports on Deco X68. No Weekly Report yet

I am using the Deco app version 2.14.3. I frequently get notifications of a new report is available. Within messages, I see Weekly Reports and Monthly Reports. Unfortunately when I open each weekly re
Forums/ Deco
By Summest 2022-08-17 06:34:21

Have x68 use a clean channel by manual or automatic means.

I could not locate the hardware version on my x68. I am trying to move my channel to a open space that is free of other SSIDs. Automatically, the channels never change. I used to be able to move to a
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By Summest 2021-05-06 06:34:36

Deco X68 - Changing channels ability

I am interesting in purchasing a Deco X68 dual-unit, tri-band router mesh network. I read all of the documentation I could find, but I could not determine how to change 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels. My ne