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By Batman1955 2022-02-14 19:31:51

RE500X Extender Drops 2.4GHZ network

Good Afternoon: I recently purchased a TP-Link AX3000 router and a RE500X range extender. I have enabled the access control list (whitelist) on the router and entered the MAC addresses for all my devi
Forums/ Range Extenders
By Carl 2019-05-10 00:42:54

How should I configure the network name on my Range Extender?

With TP-Link range extenders there are two ways to configure the network name. You can either clone the ssid of your host network or you can give the extender a custom ssid. This article will let you
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By Batman1955 2022-02-11 15:23:03

Print out Router Configuration

Hello World! Those of you from programming long ago will remember that greeting. My home network router has been Netgear for forever, however, I reached a frustration level with their technical suppor