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By j0k3r 2023-11-25 08:02:33

XE75 - Routing just stops - almost daily now

Good. evening. I have an ATT Fiber modem (still have WiFi on as a temp backup due to all these issues), but that is in passthrough mode and the Deco is acting as both the router and access point. Dail
Forums/ Deco
By j0k3r 2023-07-16 18:51:45

Deco Port forwarding - Still not working

Afternoon all. Have owned the XE75 around 2 months and still looking for some basic functionality (like port forwarding). 2 months ago, the UI on both iPhone/iPad wouldn't even show the client devices
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By j0k3r 2023-06-26 18:18:19

Deco - Parental Control help/question

Afternoon all, I am looking to see if there is a way to ignore some things as I have a few devices I wish to monitor to see how late kids are up / using devices. I know I can just bedtime to shut it d
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By j0k3r 2023-06-25 18:07:20

XE75 - Duel WAN support?

Not sure how to get the hardware version as I don't see it, but I have a Verizon LTE GateWay that I used to have as a backup to my Unifi but that Unifi router died, so I am looking and can't see if th
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By j0k3r 2023-05-11 15:21:31

Deco X75 - port forwarding help

My next feature I am trying to get working is basic port forwarding to my Synology NAS. I need 2 ports forwarded to that device (5001, 9901) and I looked at the how-to FAQ (https://www.tp-link.com/us/