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By aliciaha 8 hours ago

Password reset failed, why?

Simple question. Admin page, log in Advanced>System Tools>Admin>Acct Mgmt: Type in original factory password. Type in new password * Retype in new password. Get blue checkmark. Click SAVE. "FAILED" Wh
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By MrR 13 hours ago

Archer C7 issues with wireless speed at desktop.

Greetings, I have been getting agonizingly slow wifi connection at my desktop, which is only in next room. DL and UL speeds are erratic, but never fast. One was as bad as 1.8Mbps DL. Pinging from main
Forums/ Deco
By CSEngineer 15 hours ago

1.3.0 Ethernet LAN Blocked

Upgraded to 1.3.0 about 24 hours ago, and for the last 2 hours I've been fighting to get anything at all online. After some troubleshooting I think I discovered the issue. I use a Linux server as a pi
Forums/ Feature Request
By Markazali Yesterday

Request: ability to share cameras with a different account

If I have multiple cameras, I would love the ability to share just 1 to another user that has his/her own account. That way the person can't accidentally turn on/off my other Kasa devices/view my othe
Forums/ Deco
By Bruno-P a week ago

Invalid password issues with WiFi after firmware upgrade to 1.2.8 20190403 Dec M5 Hardware 1.0

After the firmware update to 20190403, some devices are unable to authenticate to Wifi with the "Invalid Password" error. However the password has not changed. After a few minutes it is able to connec
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By AmaB Yesterday

3rd router won’t link up

My third router won’t link up! What do I do?