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Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Duckedup 2020-11-05 09:24:50

Wisp mode for hotel stay

Trying to beat the clock on the next day shipping for my amazon order. I'm on the fence with the TP link archer A5 and the tenda ac1200 I know the tenda supports wisp mode. That's where we can connect
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Carl 2018-11-07 19:27:58

How to choose a router

With so many options available today, how do you chose which one to go with when purchasing a new router? Do you go with Single band, or dual band? What about Tri-band or mesh? Do the ammount of anten
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Duckedup 2020-10-07 15:12:11

Tp-link N300. Travel router logging in with a hidden SSID

So I'm having an issue with my travel router. I can't connect to it with the tether app or going online and using the IP address. I changed the SSID amd I set it to not broadcast the Ssid. Bc I set up