Wiring the HS200

Wiring the HS200
Wiring the HS200
2019-12-23 03:01:00



I have a switch Box with 3 switches, each switch goes to a different light, these lights are ONLY controlled by these three switches, there are no other light switches for these lights.


In the Switch Box , there are 4 Romex wires coming in.


The color code on these wires is ,,,White , Black and Copper (Ground)


I assume 3 of these wires go to the lights


1 of these wires is likely the feed , load or source


All Blacks are together 

All Whites are together

All Copper(Grounds are together


The 3 switches all have 2 black wires going to them 


On the switches:

One of the Black wires is wire nutted with all the black wires together


And one of the black wires returns to the light (into the wall) I assume


And again all the Whites are wire nutted together


I want to replace 1 of these switches with a HS200, is this the right device ?


The HS200 has 2 blacks a White and a Ground


I have actually tried a couple different configurations with the HS200 and either the light stays on , or stays dim and when on goes bright,

Obviously I am not making the correct connections, and do not want to cause an issue.


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Re:Wiring the HS200
2019-12-31 01:27:21



To use the HS200 the Load and Live wires must be seperate.  In older homes the load and live are sometimes a single wire.  If you only have 1 black wire or if there is no netural wire then you would not be able to use the HS200 in that switch box.