[BUG] KP115 Local Polling Lockup/Failure

[BUG] KP115 Local Polling Lockup/Failure
[BUG] KP115 Local Polling Lockup/Failure
2021-07-11 21:05:34
Model: KP115
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.17

This post is being generated at the conclusion of a post made on the Sense forums which describes an issue where the KP115 smart plugs are no longer reporting data to the Sense Monitor.  The below is a summary of events and the link to the original issue which was started elsewhere:


Original post: https://community.sense.com/t/all-five-kp115-smart-plugs-went-offline-according-to-sense-but-are-still-really-on/14436

Hardware Version: 1

Firmware Version: 1.0.17


Summary of events:

- The integration for Sense is done via the local network and it's not done through the cloud api

- The Sense monitor sends a broadcast udp on port 9999 to the local lan

- The KP115 devices reply to this broadcast with a unicast message giving the requested data

- The KP115 devices eventually stop answering the broadcast after approximately 3-5 days

- The KP115 devices continue to communicate to the Kasa cloud, answer ARP requests and DHCP lease renewals.

- A power pull on the KP115s resumes normal operation.


In some cases the KP115s respond sporadically and whenever they feel like it, but the consistent polling from the Sense device, which is every 2 seconds, is largely ignored.


Based on many PCAPs and community discussion it appears that the culprit is the KP115s as other devices such as the HS300 continue to operate normally.  Additionally, since the Sense monitor is sending Broadcast UDP messages all devices on the LAN must see the request.


Any help would be appreciated.  If anyone from Kasa/TP-Link wants PCAPs please pm me.