Introducing TP-Link Official Beta Program

Introducing TP-Link Official Beta Program

Introducing TP-Link Official Beta Program
Introducing TP-Link Official Beta Program
2023-09-07 11:57:29


What is the TP-Link Official Beta Program?


Whether you are a new user, a networking expert, or a smart home enthusiast, we’re looking for people who are passionate about the TP-Link experience and products to help us beta test future products, software, and features.  If you think you have what it takes to be a beta tester, join the official beta program and be among the first to try out the latest products and share valuable feedback. We're here waiting for you!


We periodically open testing opportunities and look for beta testers to test our latest products or features before release and this program works in cycles. Tester. As a beta tester, you will have access to unique opportunities to get hands-on access to products ahead of release! The beta program is an important precursor to the public release because it enables the collection and incorporation of real user feedback, ensuring the official release delivers the best experience possible.


TP-Link would like to bring more focus to the community and use your feedback more in the future. By joining the program and setting an example for others on the forum, the community will continue to grow and become a place where users can help each other and share interesting projects. 


*Please Be Aware that the Official TP-Link Beta Program is for Product Testing Primarily, Beta Firmware to test new features on existing products will be provided to users across the TP-Link Community Forums.



How to Participate and Register for the Beta Program


The best way to express your interest in the programs is by filling out the survey form below and becoming an active member of the community. Users who best fit the requirements for the test are in unique situations or have been helping/participating in the forums. Users who often help others on the forum and who often provide the company with feedback will be considered first when selecting participants.


Individuals will continue to be invited based on the information provided in your registration form.  Participation and interactions with other users and admins across our community platforms will also count. There isn't a guarantee that you'll be selected after you fill out the form though we'll try our best to work with as many active users as we can. Filling out the registration information completely and accurately as well as keeping an eye out for callouts are the best ways to improve your odds of being involved with a hardware test.


Please note that applying to an Opportunity does not mean that you've been selected. Applications are kept for consideration after the initial selection round in case we add more testers to the project at a later date.



To be selected as a beta tester, you must be willing to:

  • Complete your online Community Profile.
  • Be willing to periodically complete short testing assignments that include specific tasks and procedures.
  • Report bugs, issues, and feedback on a regular basis via e-mail, forum posts, and surveys. 
  • Debug with engineering or developing directly if necessary or required.
  • Sign and acknowledge the online NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for confidentiality purposes.


Register to Join our Beta Program:

TP-Link Beta Test Guide


*Please read through and follow the guide to make preparations and learn how to participate in the beta projects.



We are planning a system of rewards and benefits for our most active uses in the forums, as we always try to find ways to give back to the community. If you have any suggestions for our system or the program itself, feel free to post them in the beta forums once registered. 


Make Sure to Check Back Often as there is Limited Space for Each Product, and Spots Go Quickly! 

We look forward to working with you!

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