ER7206 & SNMP

ER7206 & SNMP

ER7206 & SNMP
ER7206 & SNMP
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Model: ER7206 (TL-ER7206)  
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Re. old topic ER7206 SNMP Interface name to Omada/GW name mapping?


I’ve been playing with my ER7206 and SNMP recently and can now share some findings, read educated guesses if you wish, from that exercise.


All those “devices” listed in the old topic are interfaces and only some of them can be of interest or be mapped to physical ports.


default/eth0 - SFP WAN

default/agl0.4094 - WAN

default/agl0.4093 - WAN/LAN1 when on the WAN side

default/agl0.4092 (I guess) - WAN/LAN2 when on the WAN side


The LAN ports cannot be mapped individually. The can be mapped only in groups and to VLANs.


vnet/eth1.1 - Group VLAN 1

vnet/eth1.223 - Group VLAN 223

…and so on.


default/agl0 is, of course, on the WAN side and default/eth1 is on the LAN side. It is my guess that they are used in routing between both sides.


Please, feel free to add any relevant information or correct me if I got something wrong.

Kris K


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