Custom DDNS Is Not Working

Custom DDNS Is Not Working

Custom DDNS Is Not Working
Custom DDNS Is Not Working
2023-10-31 05:47:18 - last edited 2024-02-20 02:38:41

This Article Applies to:


All routers with custom DDNS.


Application Scenario:



Issue Description:


Unable to sync with the DDNS server and resolve the domain name shows incorrect IP address.

After configuring the custom DDNS, the status shows offline or disconnected.




1. Examine your Username and Password.

Confirm your Username and Password for the sync is correct. So that the server can successfully sync with your correct credentials.


2. Double-check the Update-URL.

The Update-URL format could be wrong. Contact your DDNS service provider for the correct Update-URL format. Or search on their FAQ or manual. Their URL may change after a period of time. Any posts are not as accurate as their latest FAQ or manual.


Update URL: Enter the URL provided by your DDNS service provider in format of “http://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD][DOMAIN]&myip=[IP]”. The router will automatically update user information to the service provider.


3. Check if your DDNS provider offers a token to your URL format.

Certain DDNS providers will insert a token to identify the registration. If there is a token, you need to input the token in the Update-URL. For the detailed steps, refer to the provider's FAQ or manual.




4. Check the DDNS server status with your DDNS provider.

Before raising the issue to the community or support, confirm the server status with your DDNS provider.




1. WAN Status should be Online. If it is Offline, the DDNS is not gonna sync correctly.

2. Common DDNS providers' URLs in Omada Controller:





















Update Log:


Feb 20th, 2024:

Update the format.


Jan 11th, 2024:

Update the format.


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