Powerline works for about 10 minutes then dies . . . .

Powerline works for about 10 minutes then dies . . . .
Powerline works for about 10 minutes then dies . . . .
2017-11-16 00:00:53

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I'm using Sky Broadband Hub - wifi and interner from this works fine.

I've got a powerline setup starting with a WPA8630 connected to my router, and then three more wifi adaptors from the WPA4220T kits connected to the same powerline circuit.

This has been working fine for weeks since I got the system, but yesterday I could no longer connect to the wifi on the powerline adaptors (all of them) but still connect to SKY broadband through the HUB, and the wired network direct from the SKY HUB is also working.

All lights on all powerline devices are indicating that everything is OK. Powerline LED ON, WIFI LED's on.

On my phone, for example the powerline WIFI shows as a connection, but If I try to connect it eventually says FAILED TO OBTAIN IP ADDRESS. If I set a static IP, it merely says No internet is available. . .

I've got a PC in one room connected to the wired ethernet port on a powerline device, and this also has no internet.

However, if I switch off the entire powerline system, and back on again it works for about 10 minutes, then goes off again . . . .

Really struggling to think of what the problem is here, as it works perfectly for 10 minutes, then dies . . . . . I could understand if it didn't work at all !! Nothing has changed.

I've rebooted the sky hub, but hard to see that being the problem when it works fine on its own . . .

Any thoughts ??
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Re:Powerline works for about 10 minutes then dies . . . .
2017-11-16 17:10:16
I think I have solved this issue - with a bit of trial and error I resolved this issue - it was a nas drive plugged into a switch on my network causing the issue for some reason - I've removed that switch and hey presto network back up and running stable.