Need help understanding this behavior

Need help understanding this behavior
Need help understanding this behavior
2018-06-16 18:16:39
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Hello everyone

I have used a TL-PA8030P KIT for quite some time now to extend WIFI from my 4th floor "server room" to the basement workshop.

This has worked well. So now I wanted to IoT my garage door opener which is located say 20 to 30 meters away from the workshop.

When I originally bought the kit, I tested the connection from server room to garage and connection was made. Before I bought another kit, I tested again and it worked.

Now that I have the second kit I am having issues. The third device was paired and tested in the apartment itself. Upon taking it to the garage, it would not connect to the net. I have tried a lot of different configurations, outlets, phases etc. As long as the third device is not connected in the garage, everything seems to be working.

However, at one point I tried only two devices, BOTH in the garage and they wouldn't connect either.

Also however, I had managed to get all three working at one point. I plugged the workshop one in first, connected the garage, and added the main one in the server room last. And I saw them all. Then the moment I attached the internet gateway for the garage door opener, it ceased working.

Sure, the connection from server room to garage showed only about 11 MBit but it would have been enough to get a DHCP address and and connect to the net to be remotely controllable through the app.

My next idea was to deactivate power saving but no dice. Right now I don't get a connection.

This is a six apartment building so it is possible that others are using their own powerline devices. I cannot check that easily.

So does anybody here have an idea what the issue might be her? I get it, connectivity quality varies greatly depending on how the setup looks and I will say this, this connection does span to meters, however it doesn't work any better if I connect the workshop one to the building meter as opposed to the private meter. server room, always on a private meter, WILL connect to the workshop either way. And again, I have had it working over the whole distance and over two meters... it just won't stay that way. Bandwidth, as I said, is of little concern. But I need a stable connection...

I'm thankful for any help you can offer.
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Re:Need help understanding this behavior
2018-06-17 03:19:36
I have upgraded to firmware 2.4 and it's become better but not quite enough.

I will try get another line into the garage. right now it's daisy chained and the garage is fifth in the row. And the building is from the 80s so you can imagine the state of the electric network.