Phone Issue

Phone Issue
Phone Issue
2019-07-25 19:23:41 - last edited 2019-07-26 06:59:37
Model: Archer A10
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 0.8.0 1.3 v0046.0

I recently bought a brand new Archer D50 router, and set it up as my main home router
Everything is working fine, the only issue i'm havnig is that whenever i connect my phone or my brother's phone to the network, the wifi gets cut on all devices in my home, or sometimes slows down dramatically (both 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ)
My phone : Samsung A7 2018

Brother's phone : Samsung J7 2016
Is there any way i can fix this problem ? 
Thanks in advance laughlaugh

PS : Didn't find D50 model when i wanted to post, so i filled it up with A10 model (just ignore it)

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Re:Phone Issue
2019-07-26 07:05:37



The Archer D50 is a DSL modem router, while you start the thread on Wi-Fi router section, that is why you cannot find the model number.


Back to your case, what is the OS version of the 2 smart phone?


With no other devices connected to  the D50, what is the speed the 2 smart phone can get from the router by wirelessly? 


Meanwhile, with them connected to the D50 first and then add the newly devices, do you have the same issue?


Please ensure that the firmware of D50 is up to date. and you can update the OS version of the 2 smart phones as well. 



Re:Re:Phone Issue
2019-07-26 16:25:38 - last edited 2019-07-26 16:26:01



Ops sorry for my mistake :(

J7 OS : Android 8.1 A7 OS : Android 9

With no other devices connected, the phones either get around 6MB/S download and 0.5MB/S upload in the best case, and in the worst case the download in under 1MB/S and upload is pretty much dead ( I have 12MB/S network speed )


For the next question, when i'm per example home alone and connected with my phone, and then i connect my laptop to the wifi, i suffer from the same problem, wifi gets grumpy in both phone and laptop


Lastly, both phones' OS and Archer's firmware are up to date, it was the first thing i checked trying to resolve this issue


Thank you for answering so quicky :D

Re:Re:Re:Phone Issue
2019-07-29 08:50:51



Thanks for your reply. 


What is the led staus of the Archer D50 when the wifi got disconnected? Can you get internet from it with wired cable connected? 


Try to adjust some wireless settings of the main router, like channel and channel width. And please ensure that the firmware is up to date. 


For the speed issue, please click here to check the wireless negotiation speed which will affect the actual wifi speed. 


Without the 2 cellphone connected, what is the speed you can get from the D50? What about the stability as well? 



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