AV1300 kit - connection dropouts.

AV1300 kit - connection dropouts.
AV1300 kit - connection dropouts.
2019-08-05 19:18:20 - last edited 2019-08-05 22:47:46
Hardware Version: V2
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Hi all, first post so be gentle with me :+)


I am suffering from connection droputs between my router and BT TV box a few times an evening. The adapters are on the same ring in the same room in fact. The previous slower adapters had no drop out issues


In order to get a connection again I have unplugging the adapters from the mains then plugging them in again and waiting a little while. I have now found that removing and then replacing the network cable from the router end works as well. 


Although this is a little annoying, my main concern is that I am going to add a security camera through a 3rd AV1300 powerline adapter and this needs to be stable for obvious reasons


I have the latest firmware and no other issues on this network


Does anyone have any hopeful information on this problem?



Many thanks



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Re:AV1300 kit - connection dropouts.
2019-08-06 05:54:44



Hi Marco, we will do some troubleshooting first and try to fix it. 


What is the light status of the powerline adapter when the connection drops out?


At that time, please click here to check the IP address and default gateway with your device connected to the powerline adapter.


At the same time, can you get internet from the main router by wired cable? 


Try change another wall sockets to plug them and test their stability. 


Besides, you can refer to the instruction below  to narrow down the root cause. 



Any updates, please let us know.