TL-SG108E not managable

TL-SG108E not managable
TL-SG108E not managable
2019-08-09 12:48:46
Model: TL-SG108E
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: 20180730

Just buyed the TL-SG108E and installed the 'management' utility. Switch was perfectly found.

I saw on the support pages there was a newer firmware (20181130) and I want to install it.

I have started the upgrade with that downloaded file and about half way 'Some error occured' was the message.


After that error the 'Unmanaged Pro configuration utility ' was not be able to find the switch anymore.


I want to reset the switch, but how should I do that? (I have seen the reset hole, but 'pinning this' gives no result


Thanks for thinking with me

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Re:TL-SG108E not managable
2019-08-12 08:56:14



How to hard reset it: With the switch powered on, press this button for five seconds or above to reset the software setting back to factory default setting.


Then connect the computer which installed the configuration utility to the switch only and setup static IP for the computer as the instruction below: 


After that, please verify whether the utility can detect the switch; if not, please ping the gateway of the switch and show us the results.

Note: The gateway is by default.


Good day.