Range Extenders Set Up

Range Extenders Set Up
Range Extenders Set Up
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I have a smallish house. Virgin Router is at furthest point on the ground floor from my Master bedroom where the signal is useless. I plugged the two 1200 Extenders in . One on the ground floor one upstairs. Both were WSP set and full 4 blus lights on the top. Despite this no strong signal. Meanwhile my laptop connected upstairs to an AV600 Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit unit works fine.


So I added the 300 bps Extender in my bedroom and still useless.


What am I doing wrong setting these up? Do I need to use some PC software? Passwords?









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Re:Range Extenders Set Up
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What is the model number of the powerline adapters? It starts with TL-WPA/PAXXX.


Please show us the current network diagram, how do they connect to each other. 


Back to your case, you mentioned that the AV600 works fine but once you add it in your bedroom, it does not work. Therefore I suspect that it is the network environment, especially the power line environment affects the performance.


It is suggested to change another socket to plug the AV1200/AV600 and ensure that the powerline led is green. 


Besides, you can swap the locations of the different extenders to locate it is the adapter itself or the environment; Or you can plug the powerline adapters into the same room and test their performance. 


Below is a instruction you can refer to:



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