TL-PA9020P randomly drop connection (AV 2000 kit of 2)

TL-PA9020P randomly drop connection (AV 2000 kit of 2)
TL-PA9020P randomly drop connection (AV 2000 kit of 2)
2020-04-02 18:19:53
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: TL-PA9020P(US)_V3_180511

I purchased two of these kits.  One adapter is connected to the router.  The second was placed on the third floor of the new townhouse we moved into.  (It was built in 2002.  There is only one circuit.)  The adapter on the second floor is connected to a VOIP phone and to a five port switch.  The switch is connected to our Samsung Smart TV and to a PC.  There have been no problems with paring or dropping of connection.  The connection speed allows for over 100 both up and down. However, according to the utility, the connection speed is only 702.


The third and fourth adapters were placed on the third floor into bedrooms that will serve as small office.   When I connected my laptop, I was getting over 100 both up and down.


The problem is that when my laptop is not connected, the connection drops.  I have to unplug it and then plug it back in and it will reconnect. 


When either of the two on the third floor loses their connection, the top light blinks green.


After doing testing as suggested by TP Link support, it was determined that the two units for the top floor were defective so I returned them and got two more.


However, the same problem has persisted.  TP Link support asked me to run some tests.  Here is the conclusion I have come to.


As I type this, my laptop is connected to one of the pair that was on the top floor.  I happen to be on the second floor but it does not matter, as I will explain, as long as my laptop is connected and data is moving, the two units will not disconnect.


However, as soon as I disconnect my laptop, within 15 minutes, the unit will disconnect.


Why hasn't this happened to the second unit connected to both the switch an the VOIP phone?


The answer is simple... because the switch is constantly on whether or not the PC or TV to which it is connected are on or off.  The switch is powered and I am assuming some data flows constantly.  There is also the VOIP phone which has a constant data stream.


This is why as I am typing this, the unit is not disconnecting.  However, as soon as I turn this laptop off, within a few minutes, the unit will disconnect.


My conclusion is that this is an inherent defect in the design of these powerline adapters.  Looking back I have had this happen with earlier Trendnet brand powerline adapters.


Do other brands with MIMO technology have this problem?  I don't know.


As for these TP Link powerlines I have a choice to make.  Either return all of them or purchase the same 15 dollar switch for each of the two that are on the third floor.  I have been considering returning all of them and purchasing the equivalent ones made by Netgear, but I do not know if I will encounter the same issue.


I have read the earlier threads about this issue and I did not find a solution other than the one I am proposing regarding the connection of the switch or anything that keeps a constant data flow.


If anyone has a better solution, I would appreciate it because other than this issue, even though I am not getting a blazing speed of 2000, they are more than adequate for what we are doing.  This disconnect problem is a really annoying issue and the only reason I am considering returning them.